Marion Cotillard was the Best Actress Oscar winner for her performance as Edith Piaf in the 2007 movie ‘La Vie en Rose’. Of the twenty Oscar Best Actor/Actress, Best Supporting Actor/Actress nominees for 2007 two were from Kentucky, one Massachusetts, five from New York, two from Ohio and one from Texas. There were four from the UK, one from Australia, one from Canada, one France and one from Spain.
The Best Actor Winner/Nominee Oscar list was almost the same as the SAG List except that Johnny Depp was on the Oscar List and Ryan Gosling was on the SAG List and Tommy Lee Jones was on the Oscar List and Emile Hirsch was on the SAG List. The Best Supporting Actor Winner/Nominee Oscar list is the same as the SAG List except nominee Philip Seymour Hoffman is on the Oscar list and nominee Tommy Lee Jones was on the SAG List.
The Best Actress Winner/Nominee differences from the Oscar and SAG list were a little more complicated. Marion Cotillard from France received the Best Actress Oscar and Julie Christie from the UK received the SAG Best Actress Award for the movie Away From Her. Laura Linney is on the Oscar Nominee List and Angelina Jolie is on the SAG List.
The Best Supporting Actress Winner/Nominee differences from the Oscar and SAG List were also a bit more complicated. Tilda Swinton from the UK was the Oscar Best Supporting Actress winner for the movie Michael Clayton and Ohio born Ruby Dee received the Best Supporting Actress SAG Award for the movie American Gangster. Saoirse Ronan was on the Oscar Nominee List and Catherine Keener was on the SAG Nominee List.
2007 Best Actor Nominee Tommy Lee Jones worked with 2007 Best Actor Winner Daniel Day Lewis in the 2012 movie Lincoln. Daniel Day Lewis worked with Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2002 movie Gangs of New York. 2007 Best Actor Nominee Viggo Mortenson worked with Amanda Plummer in the 1995 movie The Prophesy. Amanda Plummer’s father Christopher Plummer worked with 2007 Best Actor Nominee George Clooney in the 2005 movie Syriana. George Clooney worked with Executive Producer Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2011 movie ‘Ides of March’. 2007 Best Actor Nominee Johnny Depp worked with Leonardo in the 1993 movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.
2007 Best Actress Winner Marion Cotillard worked with Kate Winslet in the 2011 movie Contagion. 2007 Best Actress Nominee Julie Christie worked with Kate in the 2004 movie Finding Neverland and the 1996 movie Hamlet. 2007 Best Actress Nominee Ellen Page worked with Allison Janey in the 2007 movie Juno. Allison Janey worked with 2007 Best Actress Nominee Laura Linney in the 2002 movie The Hours, Laura Linney worked with Kate Winslet in the 2003 movie The Life of David Gale.


Forest Whitaker received the Best Actor Oscar in 2006 for his performance in the movie ‘The Last King of Scotland’. Of the twenty Best Actor/Actress, Best Supporting Actor/Actress nominees for 2006 one was from Texas, two California, three New York, one from Pennsylvania, one New Jersey, and one from Illinois. There was one from Canada, one from West Africa, one from Spain, one from Mexico, one from Australia three from the UK, and one from Japan.
The Best Actor Recipient/Nominee Oscar list was the same as the SAG list. The Best Supporting Actor list for the Oscar was almost the same as the SAG list except Mark Wahlberg was on the Oscar list instead of Leonardo DiCaprio. The Best Actress/Best Supporting winner/nominee list for the Oscar was the same as the SAG list.
Forest Whitaker appeared in the 2013 movie Out of the Furnace produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. Nominated Best Actor Ryan Gosling appeared in the 2013 movie Ides of March in which Leonardo served as Executive Producer. In 2006 Kate Winslet was nominated for Best Actress for her performance in the movie Little Children the same year Meryl Streep was nominated for Best Actress for her performance in the movie The Devil Wears Prada. On a side note: Rinko Kikuchi nominated for the Best Supporting Actress in the movie Babel was the first Japanese actress nominated for an Oscar since Miyoshi Umeki was nominated and received her Best Supporting Actress Award in 1958 for the movie Sayonara.

Fanny and Alexander

Take a visual break. Now that all of the preparation, planning and organizing the perfect family Christmas get together is over. Sit in that comfy recliner, kick back and travel back in time (even though you have to read sub-titles) to watch Fanny and Alexander’s best Christmas which would end up being their worst Christmas.

Depending on which version you watch it is 3-4 hours long and it is best to have your mind set on a Mini Series Adult Drama or a Downton Abbey type story only in Swedish.

The 1983 Ingmar Berman Film was his last movie and some say it was his best movie; Ingmar was nominated for an Oscar for Directing and the Screenplay written directly for the Screen. It won the Oscar for Sven Nykvist for Cinematography, Art Set Decoration for Anna Asp and Best Foreign Language Film for Sweden.

The vintage Christmas scenes at the beginning of the movie are like visual Christmas Candy for your eyes.

Mel Brooks in Hollywood

I love Mel Brooks. I can recite far too many embarrassing lines from a variety of his films, and they always somehow oddly fit into the fabric of my life just perfectly. Sort of like everything from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation or The Princess Bride…there is always something in there you can use.

And that’s what Mel Brooks did! He used everything! Master of the Farcical, TCM recognizes BROOKSFILMS when Mel Brooks himself joins Robert Osborne  to highlight 6 films from the production company.  Brooks writes, directs and acts with his late wife, Anne Bancroft, in four of the films that will be featured on May 19th and 20th.

While many associate Mel Brooks with Blazing Saddles, or Spaceballs, it’s To Be or Not to Be( 1983) that hails from his Brooksfilms Production Company of which most are aware. Others to be featured are Fatso ( with Dom Deluise), 84 Charring Cross Road ( Anthony Hopkins), and My Favorite Year( Peter O’Toole).


The Duke: John Wayne


In honor of John Wayne week on TCM, we share some of the nitty and gritty:)

Marion Morrison- aka John Wayne- had spent most of his early career in bit roles in serial westerns. Luckily, John Ford came along and cast him as Ringo Kid in Stagecoach, thus propelling him into legend.  The realistic action combined with an impressive ensemble cast would set John up in many westerns. His role as the epitome of the American Man was donned important during the War, but many felt his image was overcoming him and he used it for leverage. One example is the case of the film The Alamo, which he directed, and later forced the Academy to give the film nominations. He partnered with Russell Birdwell, the man responsible for the successful search for the perfect Scarlett O’Hara, and found they could swing the Academy votes in The Alamo’s favor, if they could secure just a few hundred votes. Thus began the lengthy campaign to get The Alamo into the limelight. They succeeded with 6 nominations for the film, and a nice blueprint for Oscar-stumping, a marketing tactic used by many studios today.

Mrs. Miniver

September 29, 1904 ~  April 6, 1996    Greer Garson

Greer Garson is most known for her role in Mrs. Miniver, and was quickly given more roles like it. The dramatic roles however while stretching acting muscles and winning her awards did nothing for her comic genius. She gets snarky, and sarcastic with Lawrence Olivier in Pride and Prejudice, and silly and acrobatic in Julia Misbehaves with Walter Pidgeon. Having not come to Hollywood until her thirties, Garson was quick to be placed in grown up roles, but gosh how we just love the ridiculously fun roles instead. Make sure to grab one of her comedies to see what you’ve been missing.

Happy Birthday Greer.