Mel Brooks in Hollywood

I love Mel Brooks. I can recite far too many embarrassing lines from a variety of his films, and they always somehow oddly fit into the fabric of my life just perfectly. Sort of like everything from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation or The Princess Bride…there is always something in there you can use.

And that’s what Mel Brooks did! He used everything! Master of the Farcical, TCM recognizes BROOKSFILMS when Mel Brooks himself joins Robert Osborne  to highlight 6 films from the production company.  Brooks writes, directs and acts with his late wife, Anne Bancroft, in four of the films that will be featured on May 19th and 20th.

While many associate Mel Brooks with Blazing Saddles, or Spaceballs, it’s To Be or Not to Be( 1983) that hails from his Brooksfilms Production Company of which most are aware. Others to be featured are Fatso ( with Dom Deluise), 84 Charring Cross Road ( Anthony Hopkins), and My Favorite Year( Peter O’Toole).


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