About Us

Classic Hollywood……………. Who we are

A guilty pleasure for those obsessed with classic film; in black, white and technicolor.

rochellelynn:  An avid old movie watcher from a very young age, I have mapped my life with the help of film. The first old movie I ever saw was The Gay Divorcee with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. From that moment I was,  at the age of five, enrolled in dance. The Music Man brought a sucessful career in band through school and Robin Hood brought an archery obsession.  Most of my years in college were spent studying to the old films played on AMC and TCM, and even now in grad school I am sucking down pots of coffee just to stay up late enough to experience these wonderful, witty films in my overbooked weeks of work, family and school. I quote lines from films in the thirties, and no one gets the humor. It was sad, I needed an outlet, so here it is. Enjoy!

annstj:As a child of the 50’s I grew up watching Classic Movies on a Black & White Television set, watching for glimses of cousin Al St.John or his mothers brother Roscoe Arbuckle.  Afternoon movies were hosted by a Grade Z actor by the name of Bill Kennedy that would share stories about Classic Hollywood and the Stars of the Silver Screen.  Most of the movies featured by the station were Warner Brother’s movies. My dilemma; I was allowed in the summertime to watch one hour of television per afternoon. I would watch Bill Kennedy’s afternoon movies. Since movies are two hours long with commercials, I have watched; beginnings, middles or endings of thousands of movies. My Talent: I remember, faces, names, dates, if I don’t know someone, or when a movie was made, I have a personal film reference Library that assists my memory.  I love the stars from all of the studios but my Forte’ is Character Actors.  ‘Some of us are born to Star; some of us are born to support the Star’.  Thanks Rochellelynn for providing an outlet for me to honor the talent of the ‘Classic Hollywood Supporting Actors’.

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