Waiting here at Classic Hollywood for the release of  Deanna Durbin’s long hidden film Spring Parade, we chose to contact Larry at the Library of Congress to see what was going on.

This is the DISAPPOINTING answer we got…

Spring Parade still sits on our shelves waiting for Universal Studios to release it. I have asked several times and recommended it to Turner Classic Movies. I recommend we write letters and post requests on the IMDB, TCM and Universal’s web site. If they see enough people want to see it, maybe they will put it out.

Help us to get this four Oscar nominations movie off the restoration shelves!

Mention it on at IMDB

Suggest it on TCM

Email Universal

or post it on your own sites to drum up some talk!

Spring Parade

This spring the world has lost an exceptionally rare talented singer, actress and business woman named Deanna Durbin at age 91.
She may be truly gone now but for hard core Classic Hollywood film followers, she will never be forgotten. One of the reasons she will never be forgotten is through the tedious painstaking work done by nitrate film specialists all over the world and especially those at the Library of Congress;
Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation.
June 1st at 7:30 pm the Packard Campus theatre will be previewing their newly restored copy of the 1940 Deanna Durbin movie titled ‘Spring Parade’, this is a ‘must see’ event in Culpeper, Virginia. You can’t get any better than ‘free’ preview.

Spring Parade is the second movie Deanna Durbin and Robert Cummings appeared in together; they have that spark of on screen chemistry that is so fun in all three of the movies they performed in together. It is also SZ Sakall’s second screen appearance with Durbin after coming to the States as a seasoned European actor ahead of the growing storm of Adolf Hitler’s scourge of Europe. The featured songs from Spring Parade are; Waltzing in the Clouds, It’s Foolish But It’s Fun, When April Sings and Blue Danube Dream. This renovation was an immense project and is a great tribute to a great Icon of Classic Hollywood.
For all of our UK fans that can’t make it to the States for Spring Parade hope you can make the May 24th 7:30 pm showing at the Riverhouse Barn in Walton-on-Thames in Surrey for the showing of ‘Christmas Holiday’ starring Deanna  and Gene Kelly.