Greed ~ Tis the Season

Ninety-seven year old Silent Film star ‘Baby Peggy’ Diana Serra Cary is in dire straits. The Silent Film Community has sent out a rallying ‘call for action’ to help this former pioneer of the Motion Picture business.
The healthy but frail Ms. Carey has attempted for months to receive modest in-home non-medical care from the: Motion Picture and Television Fund that was founded by her friends Mary Pickford and Charlie Chaplin.
This fund was set up for just this type of reason, to help former members of the Motion Picture business that need help.
Classic Hollywood is hoping for a Frank Capra type ending to this distressing decision from a Fund that is evidently run by ‘Mr. Potter’ type CEO’s.
You can read more about this story on Facebook at the Masquers Club and Ron Hutchinson from the ‘A Star for Baby Peggy’ site.