Happy Birthday Ingrid Bergman

Happy Birthday Ingrid Bergman
Honoring Ingrid Bergman on the  anniversary of her birth ( August 29th) has become a staple in Classic Hollywood reporting. We celebrate the 100th anniversary of this iconic star this year, remembering that she did so much more than just Casablanca.  Able to establish and grow a career before and after children, Ingrid was a motivated woman determined to be seen. From Intermezzo to Cactus Flower, Ingrid was always able to command the screen. Her beauty was interesting, her talent was evident, her voice was mature- she was a breath of fresh foreign air to the stagnant starlets that littered the studio lots.  She played opposite Cary, Bing, Gary and of course Humphrey. Earning the Oscar for Gaslight in 1944 solidified her place in Hollywood.

She approached her personal life with the same passion she approached Hollywood. Leaving her husband in 1949 for Italian Director Rossellini, by whom she was pregnant, she found a happy life and advantageous union that would bring her more unique film roles. In her third marriage to a theatrical producer she quickly found the stage, and Cactus Flower, which she later reproduced on screen with Walter Matthau in a hilarious comedy about an older man chasing a younger woman.

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