Classic Films for the Classic Childhood: 101 Dalmations

LIFE LESSON: Be Resourceful. There’s always a way.


101 Dalmatians: This flick offers a perfect explanation for why dogs bark- at you, at other dogs, at cars. They are obviously crafting a rescue!

This one will give your child the understanding about where fur coats come from, why women are sometimes called “crazy woman drivers”, and true appreciation for animals. Resourcefulness is highlighted in this film when the puppies cover themselves with black soot— again, just another way you can help your child think outside the box. Yet these are simply the obvious lessons- watched multiple times your kids should be able to spot why bad guys have stupid sidekicks, the importance of looking up from your book to see the person you’re supposed to marry, the benefits and risks of a freelance music career and the benefits of a big family.


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