Classic Films for the Classic Childhood: Babes in Toyland

LIFE LESSON: Never Settle

Babes in Toyland : A classic fairytale wonderland sets the stage for true love to be battered about a bit before we believe it’s actually possible again. Catching a lucky break by not being thrown into the sea by Barnaby’s henchman Tom comes back as a gypsy woman in order to save his potential bride from a loveless marriage. Forced to battle the talking trees and save Toyland, it seems as if Mary and Tom may never get together!

The opening song alone can help you identify those important Mother Goose tales you need to make sure your child understands before heading out into the world. And while we hope that our daughters won’t have to marry the slimy Barnaby because she can’t pay her bills the Bills Bills Bills song could offer some good motivation to go to college or at least pay attention in math!

But most importantly is the lesson of true love and what it looks like- yes even cloaked in Disney glory, your child will be able to see the real parts; caring, telling someone you love them, taking care of them, staying with them amidst danger, holding hands.


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