Love and Taxes



The Mating Game

“If you want anything of mine, don’t ask for it, just take it- that’s what neighbors are for.”

Unfortunately Pop Larkin’s snobby neighbors don’t quite feel the same, and decide to report him to the tax man- surely he must have some indiscretion that could lose him the farm! In fact Pop Larkin hasn’t filed an income tax return- ever! Why? Because the Larkin’s deal in trading , not money. Then Tony Randall enters as Lorenzo Charlton, ready to take them all to the cleaners…but not before they have him over for lunch and promptly marry him off to Mariette ( Debbie Reynolds).So while Lorenzo is trying to take note of the worth of everything on the Larkin property, everyone else is just trying to get Mariette married off! Poor fellow, he doesn’t have a chance.

His line? When you cheat the government, its like cheating your family- because the government belongs to everybody. ” Just like that government car you’re driving?” Yes!

By dinner, Mariette’s been through three costume changes, and Lorenzo is drunk and not wearing pants. Obviously this has nothing to do with taxes.

An excellent and hilarious film about love and money. Perfect for Valentines Day, perfect for Tax Season!






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