The Ghost Breakers


I’m not one for scary movies— at all. Annstj will tell you that straight out. I don’t really love tragedies, sad things, war, amputated limbs, anything that shows the “dark side” of humanity or anything with blood(unless there is a cute doctor involved).
So needless to say when a Bob Hope film starts with talk of Cuban zombies and a creepy castle, I tend to zone out and think about Christmas instead.

But then this was another Bob Hope/Paulette Goddard installment, and I can’t get enough of these two together so I stuck it out. Besides… I was sort of intrigued by the Zombie element. Mainly because my sister had created this Halloween Trivia Game for our Annual Halloween Party and one of the answers involved how “real” zombie-ism is in Cuba. Whaaaaaat? I had never heard of this before and previously had only subscribed to the Warm Bodies version of zombies, where you turn into a zombie because you haven’t gotten or given enough love. That felt real to me.But apparently there is a huge issue with Zombies in Cuba.

The combination of voodoo magic, sanitaria, and a variety of other things have shown that people can come back from the dead- but without any personal will. This is the storyline that The Ghost Breakers adopts when explaining a variety of deaths at the family castle Mary Carter is about to inherit.

Luckily for Mary, Larry Lawrence Lawrence( yep three times) is there to help her survive the night at yet another house she is inheriting( just like The Cat and Canary). The zombie attacks, he hides in armor, he’s totally welcome to stay at this castle. And the comic relief provided by Larry’s valet Alex ( Willie Best) makes the film worth it. Another one I wish I would have had in my Halloween lineup, there’s enough fun here to have any time of year.




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