Hollywood Good Girls


TCM honors Mary Astor this month, and while this fine actress boasted a long, lucrative career, and the acting chops to go head to head with Bette Davis amongst others, when we think of Mary, we think of good girls. You know ‘em. The Hollywood dolls you didn’t just love to watch on screen, but the ones you took lessons from, the ones all girls wanted to be and all men could bring home to mom.Still, as ideal as the good girl could be I just read in the Huffington Post about how the Good Girl Syndrome is still alive, well, and damaging. We saw it in all our best good girls. Judy Garland found drugs and addiction. Natalie Wood and Rita Hayworth discovered alcohol. Lana Turner , and Elizabeth Taylor found lots of sex and marriage. Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe had infidelity and more alcohol. So who were the real ones?  The ones who kept the Good Girl title on and off screen without going insane? Mary Astor is our Good Girl #1

by Rochellelynn



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