Charlie Chaplin Special Award 1971

Special Award presented to Charlie Chaplin in 1972 for the Forty-Fourth Academy Awards 1971.

We love that the Academy can create Special Awards when the situation calls for it. In the early days they found they had candidates that didn’t fit into an award category at all. Charlie Chaplin for instance was originally on the nomination ballot for both Actor and Director Rewards in 1928 for his work on The Circus (which he wrote, directed, produced, and acted). The Academy withdrew him from both competitive classes stating that “a special first award shall be conferred upon you for such versatility and genius in writing, acting, directing and producing The Circus. The collective accomplishments thus displayed place you in a class by yourself.”  In the Forty Fourth Year of the Academy 1971 Charlie Chaplin returned to Hollywood in 1972 to receive another Special Award “for the incalculable effect he has had in making motion pictures the art form of this century”. You may want to have a box of tissues at hand when watching this clip. The audience definately showed their love and respect.


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