Gary Cooper Best Actor 1952

John Wayne accepting the Best Actor Award for Gary Cooper in his performance for the movie High Noon, March 19, 1953.

The 2013 Oscars are one month away; they will be held on March 2nd and presented by the ABC television network. You either love the Oscars or you hate them. The Oscars have reinvented themselves over the past years to garner ratings. From cutting out the boring stuff (renamed the Sci-Tech awards) that are normally held at a special dinner two weeks before the Oscars (February 15th this year) to getting those A and B listers out there on the live stage either singing, dancing, telling jokes or doing spontaneous one arm push-ups it is always a challenge to raise the bar from year to year to garner those ratings.
The first televised Academy Awards show was March 19, 1953 for movies made in 1952, Bob Hope was the MC, Charles Brackett President of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences from 1949-1955 (he co-wrote the screenplays with Billy Wilder for three of our favorite films: Ninotchka, The Major and the Minor, and Ball of Fire) introduced Bob Hope. I’m hoping film historians of today ‘get’ the jokes.


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