Happy Birthday Leslie


August 16, 1946  Leslie Ann Warren
Playing the naïve daughter in Disney’s The Happiest Millionaire, Leslie Ann Warren depicts the awkwardness of the Teen Girl with such sincerity, you almost wonder if in this, her first big movie role, she wasn’t really going through all that angst right on the screen. Opposite the delicious John Davidson Leslie doesn’t have a chance. But it’s the transformation of her character in this film, that really begins to prove her worth as an actress. She goes from un-sure and insecure to a determined young woman, willing to take on adventure with her man. At the height of her fame, Leslie also took on a role as the eldest princess in Shelley Duvall’s The Dancing Princess. If anyone out there remembers Faerie Tale Theater, Duvall actually recruited all the big stars of the day- Robin Williams played the Frog Prince, Matthew Broderick played Prince Charming, Bernadette Peters played Sleeping Beauty with Christopher Reeve. If you haven’t seen these fun fairy tale gems, maybe it’s time to do so. Leslie is absolutely believable as the “knows what she wants” oldest daughter.

Happy Birthday Leslie!

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