Happy Birthday Sandra Dee


April 23, 1944

I embarked on a Sandra Dee phase after seeing Grease, and not really understanding one of the insulting quips they made about her.  Somewhat reluctant, I started with Come September, because at least I liked Rock Hudson and it wouldn’t be a waste of two hours if this Sandra Dee girl didn’t deliver.  Thankfully, it also just happened to include Bobby Darin, Sandra’s future husband, and while I wasn’t an instant fan, the chemistry on screen was worth it. It was said that Bobby, slightly conceited was all but determined to marry Sandra. She, however, was slightly offended after he told her he liked some of her films. The impertinence! For the worlds reigning Teen Queen at the time, that must have been quite the shot to the ego.

She did however, eventually come around, and they made some cutesy rom-coms together. We like If a Man Answers and That Funny Feeling.

As the marriage didn’t last, Sandra would still go on record as saying he was the love of her life.

You can check out info and Sandra Vid here if you’re unfamiliar with her story, and while i’m still waiting for a sophisticated biography for both Sandra and Bobby to be written, you can count on their great films together to give you the gist of just how much chemistry was there. Enjoy!

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