Happy Birthday Bette Davis

April 5, 1908 ~ October 6, 1989  Jezebel, Three on a Match, Marked Woman

I think perhaps the friendliest quality of Bette Davis I ‘ve found myself latching onto was when she had an advice column in Photoplay-Movie Mirror. Guiding women through their “why am I not married yet” phases, their “I got married to quickly because of the war”, and “should I or shouldn’t I before the wedding” problems, Bette Davis answered eloquently and in a manner of a best friend. This is how I choose to think of Bette Davis, before she got bitter, and grudge filled against Joan Crawford, the academy and those pesky studios.

Luckily, I can also find this Bette Davis as best-friend-forever in Three on a Match where she befriends Joan Blondell, and takes on the task of helping to repair friendships and marriages. It is in this movie that we find her carefree, and blonde! And while I appreciate her range of emotion in Jezebel, her closeted bad girl role in The Old Maid, and her groundbreaking skills in Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, I like nothing more than seeing someone just be themselves- and that’s what Three on a Match feels like. Enjoy it in the Forbidden Hollywood Collection

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