Happy Birthday Warren Beatty

March 30, 1937 Warren Beatty Splendor in the Grass
Warren, smoldering onto the set in ….well, all of that smoulder, had put poor little Natalie Wood into a tough situation. See, she just didn’t have a chance, nor did any other woman in Hollywood after Warren emerged from his cocoon. I hate to say it wouldn’t have mattered if he couldn’t act, but it wouldn’t. We of the Classic Hollywood bent know how that goes, right?

Tyrone Power fought his way into respectability with roles based on books by Bromfield and Hemingway, and Ray Milland won that Oscar for The Lost Weekend.

Robert Taylor was always considered too pretty and regardless of merit, few saw past his looks. Thus is the curse for the beautiful people.
Early in his career, Warren too seemed doomed. Cast as the ideal football guy opposite the cute girl, the plaything to the cougar, and the saucy hairdresser who did a lot more than just hair, he too fought his way into respectability with Bonnie and Clyde– a classic if there ever was one. And while we appreciate a reinvention every now and then, Dick Tracy did not do for Warren, what Batman did for Jack Nicholson. But in the spirit of life we should all throw caution to the wind every now and again.

So thanks Warren for reminding us, and allowing us to see all of your facets as a star.
Happy Birthday!

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