The Nutty Professor

March 16, 1926 Jerry Lewis The Nutty Professor

Dare I say that The Nutty Professor is Jerry Lewis’ smartest role? I do. Combining the hilarity of the dorky college professor, and the suave debonair man’s man, Jerry Lewis masters the duality perfectly. Keen on Stella Steven’s Stella, the Professor goes about trying an experimental potion on himself only to uncover the man, with a voice, he never knew he could be. The ladies man singing That Old Black Magic, Jerry Lewis is quick to take his college student Stella up to make-out point, when he realizes the potion doesn’t have lasting power. Thus begins the on again off again personality of Buddy Love- when bottled correctly. Stretching the comedic muscle of Jerry Lewis in the hangover scene is nothing compared to pulling the heartthrob out of the clown. Loving him also as the many men in Family Jewels and as half of the Dean Martin-Jerry Lewis duo, for everything you are. Happy Birthday Jerry Lewis.

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