Helen Parrish

Helen Parrish 2 March Bdays
March 12, 1923 ~ February 22, 1959 Helen Parrish First Love, Three Smart Girls Grow Up

In First Love, playing the holier than thou upper class socialite cousin of Deanna Durbin, Helen Parrish marvels as the bratty spoiled brat characteristic of an ugly stepsister. In this modern retelling of Cinderella it is Durbin who gets to play the rags to riches princess, and Helen Parrish who gets to lose her man. Poor thing, true, but she does one heck of job. Playing with Durbin again in Three Smart Girls Grow Up, Parrish, as the often forgotten Middle Sister, retreats out of the spoiled brat mouthy role and right into the mousey apologetic, don’t-mind-me role of the girl whose accepted she’ll never get her guy. While she did do some substantial work as a child actress, and was in film until the late 1950’s, here’s to wishing she had gotten maybe a little more fame. Happy Birthday Helen!

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