Happy Birthday Rex

March 5, 1908 ~ June 2, 1990  Rex Harrison
Unfaithfully Yours, My Fair Lady
As a child I remember watching Dr. Dolittle, because horses that talked just seemed awesome, and My Fair Lady, because you couldn’t find dresses like Audrey’s on Nickelodeon. But when I look back on it now, and all the greatness, and scandal, and marriages that Rex Harrison brought to Hollywood, I have to say I think perhaps one of his best roles was in the under-the-radar, Unfaithfully Yours (The Criterion Collection). As the composer plotting to kill his wife, Linda Darnell, Rex Harrisonacts out in his mind all the ways he could possibly pull off the task of murdering his wife, while carefully weighing all the outcomes. Troubleshooting the act to perfection we see him go through several layers of the mind, before he comes back up for air at the end to a rather surprising finale. Part of the Criterion Collection, there’s more merit to this film that can possibly be discussed here, without me going into a full dissertation. With the murderous plotting being done via the orchestration of the great symphonies, Rex Harrison brings a level of glamour to the macabre that we’re only used to seeing in Hitchcock films.

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