Kathryn Grayson

February 9, 1922 ~ February 17, 2010  Kathryn Grayson

Nightingale, Kathryn Grayson found her place in film due to babyface good looks, and a voice to rival the best of the day. Judy Garland, Jane Powell, and Deanna Durbin were all singing their way to stardom too, so Kathryn definitely had a chance. Kathryn Grayson had a good many roles in some of the great films of the day. Anchors Aweigh with Gene Kelly brought her to Jose Iturbi’s side. And while she did do a good many respectable films, I like her best in Two Sisters from Boston with Jimmy Durante. Playing wannabe Opera Singer, all Suzie( Kathryn Grayson) can do to make ends meet until her big break, is work in a Burlesque club. Then her uncle from Boston shows up, with her sister( June Allyson) in tow. Her uncle, having heard some nasty rumors about Suzie downwind, demands he see her in the opera, in which she’s supposedly performing. With help from Jimmy Durante she gets into the opera all right, but not before some more rumors get started. As her sister and friend ( Peter Lawford) try to fix things, Suzie tries to keep what’s left of her future intact. This is the film that jumpstarted that little June Allyson and Peter Lawford rumor by the way, even though he was just the new kid on the block ,and she was very very married to Dick Powell. It was also the film that showcased Jimmy Durante’s comedic self-ridicule, and Kathryn’s more than capable operatic voice.  If you haven’t seen it yet, take a gander. Happy Birthday Kathryn


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